Point Of Interest - Transportation

France 2 - 1 Australie 
 France 1 - 0 Pérou


Pale Mooring Decent Cardinal buoy Lateral buoy Pickup Pickup camper Plow Truck Velocimeter Turning point
Aerial Transportation
Airport Airport apron Airport runway Airport terminal Helicopter Airplane Taxiway
Other Types of Transportation
Boat Cable Car Crossing guard funicolar Level crossing Oil Pedestrian Crossing Embarcation ramp Steam Locomotive Taxiboat Tidal Diamond Railway Station Tramway Subway
Road Signs
Acces denied Caution Closed road Construction Convertible Falling rocks Highway Icy road Priority Road Max height Max weight Max width Speedhump Stop
Road Transportation
Bulldozer Bus Stop Car Car share Car Rental Car Wash Video Camera Customs Cycling Disability Junction Motorcycle Park and Ride Parking Parking bicycle Road Surface metal Taxi Toll Station Tunnel Van Vespa
Waterway Canal